• Legendary Green Tea

    Richly aromatic with a delicate body & aromatic finish

  • Joyful Jasmine Tea

    Beautifully fragrant aroma with a delicate light body & floral finish

  • Earl Grey Tea

    Perfectly aromatic with a full legendary body & lasting finish

  • English Breakfast Tea

    Round rich aroma with a full body and a kick-start your day finish

  • Luscious Peach Tea

    Luscious peach aroma & taste with a full body & smooth warm finish

  • Strawberry Fields Tea

    Fresh strawberry aroma and taste with full body and delicate finish

  • Caramel Delight Tea

    Delightful buttery aroma with a rich full body & indulgent caramel finish

  • Legendary Black Tea

    Brilliantly aromatic with a full body & legendary finish


Available in Whole Leaf, Pyramid & Envelope Teabag

The unique flavor of high grown leaves specially selected from the finest Ceylon tea gardens makes Adam Tea a sophisticated treat anytime. Black Tea is the result when the leaf is completely oxidized before being fired. First the leaf is dried then rolled to expose essential oils to the air and starting the oxidization process. The leaf is then hand rolled and heated in a clay oven to stop the process. Next the tea is graded for quality then packed and sent immediately to you providing superior quality every time.

The combination of a strong satisfying blend with the convenience of environmentally friendly metal free double-chambered tea bags has made Adam Tea an instant hit with consumers worldwide.

Flavoring: We custom flavor our teas with natural ingredients and oils. Quotes available for custom requests.

Packaging: Available in Private Label, Co-Packing or Pre-Packaged in eye catching 25 envelope cartons. This competitively priced product is ideal to drink hot or refreshing iced.

Bag Sizes: High quality, environmentally friendly, metal-free patented true double-chamber tea bags are available in 1.5 gram & 2 gram bags.

Currently Available:

  • 1. Legendary Black Ceylon Tea in Envelopes
  • 2. Caramel Delight Black Ceylon Tea in Envelopes
  • 3. Luscious Peach Black Ceylon Tea in Envelopes
  • 4. English Breakfast Black Ceylon Tea in Envelopes
  • 5. Earl Grey Black Ceylon Tea in Envelopes
  • 6. Strawberry Fields Black Ceylon Tea in Envelopes
  • 7. Be Warm (with Pure Ceylon Black Tea, Marigold, Coltsfoot, Sunflower, Variety of Mallows, Fennel Fruit, Licorice Root, and Locust Tree) – Whole leaf blend in Pyramid s
  • 8. Be Cool (with Pure Ceylon Black Tea, Soothing Peppermint, Calming Lemongrass, Rosehips, Mallow and Hibiscus flowers) – Whole leaf blend in Pyramids
  • 9. Be Energized (with Pure Ceylon Black Tea, Rosehip, Hibiscus, Sunflower, Carrot, Orange Peel, Apple, and Lemongrass) – Whole leaf blend in Pyramids

Coming Soon:

  • 10. Mellow Mint Black Ceylon Tea in Envelopes
  • 11. Luscious Orange Black Ceylon Tea in Envelopes
  • 12. Luscious Lemon Black Ceylon Tea in Envelopes
  • 13. Raspberry Fields Black Ceylon Tea in Envelopes
  • 14. oyful Jasmine Black Ceylon Tea in Envelopes
  • 15. True Cinnamon Black Ceylon Tea in Envelopes

Special Order:

  • 16. Banana
  • 17. Cherry
  • 18. Kiwi
  • 19. Mandarin Orange
  • 20. Pineapple
  • 21. Black Currant
  • 22. Green Apple
  • 23. Mango
  • 24. Ginger & Peach
  • 25. Blueberry
  • 26. Coconut
Srilanka has been producing superior teas since 1887. Perfect humidity, cool breezes & ideal rainfall provide a climate that fosters a succulent production of the highest quality teas in the world. Adam teas & Spices have been a favorite in homes and restaurants across Europe & Asia.