• Legendary Green Tea

    Richly aromatic with a delicate body & aromatic finish

  • Joyful Jasmine Tea

    Beautifully fragrant aroma with a delicate light body & floral finish

  • Earl Grey Tea

    Perfectly aromatic with a full legendary body & lasting finish

  • English Breakfast Tea

    Round rich aroma with a full body and a kick-start your day finish

  • Luscious Peach Tea

    Luscious peach aroma & taste with a full body & smooth warm finish

  • Strawberry Fields Tea

    Fresh strawberry aroma and taste with full body and delicate finish

  • Caramel Delight Tea

    Delightful buttery aroma with a rich full body & indulgent caramel finish

  • Legendary Black Tea

    Brilliantly aromatic with a full body & legendary finish


Available in Whole Leaf, Pyramid & Envelope Teabag

Consistently impressive carefully selected high quality Adam Tea is available in our packaging, private label and co-packing. Custom designed packaging is our specialty! Create more brand power by offering your very own imported Ceylon teas. Eye-catching artwork draws in the consumer and the taste will convince even the most particular connoisseurs to return again and again for more.

Although the following are our most common teas, we actually have 200 grades available in each type. We are happy to provide a quote to match your individual needs.

CEYLON BLACK TEA (whole leave & envelope teabag)

The unique flavor of high grown leaves specially selected from the finest Ceylon tea gardens makes Adam Teas a treat anytime…read more.

OPA TEA COLLECTION (Orange Pekoe range)

Made from the finest Ceylon long leafs, from high and low grown regions in Ceylon to give a perfect balance of taste and color. Orange Pekoe from Ceylon is rated as the best tasting; making this tea one of the most sought after amongst the world of tea connoisseurs. Currently our OPA’s are sold in more than 25 countries!

Horse Range (specially selected Orange Pekoe grade)

From mainly medium and high grown estates in Ceylon, which gives a honey colored cup and a very pleasing taste with no astringency. An ideal afternoon tea!

Cup Range (blend of the finest long leaf Orange Pekoe & Pekoe grade)

From selected medium and low grown tea estates in Ceylon. Distinctive light red colour and a strong taste. This would make for an elegant breakfast or subtle afternoon tea.

Estate Range (blend of specially selected long leaf Orange Pekoe & Pekoe grade)

From mainly low grown tea estates of Ceylon. This specialty has a dark red coloring with a sophisticated bold taste. Ideal as a breakfast tea, it’s also served with a lot of sugar in many countries as a thirst quenching energy drink.

BOP TEA COLLECTION (Broken Orange Pekoe grade)

From the best high and medium grown tea estates in Ceylon. This infusion has a soft autumn leaf scent that gives a pleasing taste with no astringency. Ideally suited for a breakfast or afternoon tea always a high quality treat for the senses.

CEYLON GREEN TEA (whole leave & envelope teabag)

Unique and different and sure to deliver and please. It is delicate and smooth with a light color and a hint of sweet. Sri Lankan Green Tea is extremely exclusive…read more

CEYLON WHITE TEA (whole leave & envelope teabag)

Also known as Virgin White or Silver Tip is of the most exclusive grades. It has a delicate, very light liquoring with notes of pine, honey and a golden coppery infusion…read more

FLAVORED TEAS (whole leave & envelope teabag)

With over 36 unique flavored varieties to choose from, this is the one of the most exceptional ranges ever produced…read more


Flavoring: We custom flavor our teas with natural ingredients and oils. Quotes available for custom requests.

Packaging: Available in Private Label, Co-Packing or Pre-Packaged in eye catching 25 envelope cartons. This competitively priced product is ideal to drink hot or refreshing iced.

Bags: High quality, environmentally friendly, metal-free patented true double-chamber teabags and pyramid teabags are available in 1.5 gram & 2 gram bags.


Smaller orders are fulfilled via FedEx or UPS, larger orders via freight. Contact us for a custom quote.

Case Count: 24 units

Case Weight: 2.64 lbs

Case Dimensions: 12.28in X 10in X 8.3

Pallet Dimensions: TI x HI 16 X 5

Pallet Count: 80 Cases

Pallet Weight: 211.2 lbs

Minimum Mix & Match Order: 1 Pallet

Minimum Special Order: 2 Pallets

2.5 Years Shelf Life if purchased by March 2013

Guaranteed Shelf Life at delivery: 11 Months

Srilanka has been producing superior teas since 1887. Perfect humidity, cool breezes & ideal rainfall provide a climate that fosters a succulent production of the highest quality teas in the world. Adam teas & Spices have been a favorite in homes and restaurants across Europe & Asia.