• Legendary Green Tea

    Richly aromatic with a delicate body & aromatic finish

  • Joyful Jasmine Tea

    Beautifully fragrant aroma with a delicate light body & floral finish

  • Earl Grey Tea

    Perfectly aromatic with a full legendary body & lasting finish

  • English Breakfast Tea

    Round rich aroma with a full body and a kick-start your day finish

  • Luscious Peach Tea

    Luscious peach aroma & taste with a full body & smooth warm finish

  • Strawberry Fields Tea

    Fresh strawberry aroma and taste with full body and delicate finish

  • Caramel Delight Tea

    Delightful buttery aroma with a rich full body & indulgent caramel finish

  • Legendary Black Tea

    Brilliantly aromatic with a full body & legendary finish


Small batches of the most elite tea ADAM carries. Available in limited quantities as loose or in luxury pyramids.

Inverness Single Estate Tea


The Inverness Estate is located in the Highlands of Ceylon. The tea harvested from this estate is the highest grown on the island. Grown in the misty, cool mountain air giving this tea its incredibly unique taste and aroma. Inverness Single Estate Black Ceylon Tea is delicately rolled fine tea. The bouquet is reminiscent of a floral garden on a midsummer’s eve. Queen of the Night flowers that are abundant in the region infuse with the tea to create this exclusive and distinctive tea.

The color is classic pekoe, bright and vibrant, like a polished piece of Amber. The aroma gives you flashes of tropical fruits, ripening on the vines as a gentle breeze flows through the air. The liquor is silky smooth like a babbling brook running through your mouth, leaving you completely immersed in its lush feel. The delicate taste of this tea is exquisite. A spring meadow dances on your tongue that is completely fresh and totally revitalizing.

After the first few sips of this bright and vivacious tea, fresh green apples will linger in the background. Inverness Single Estate Black Ceylon Tea is the perfect final touch for a fantastic meal and just as wonderful to curl up and read with.

Boldness: 5          Leaf Type: BOP

Mahagastotte Single Estate Tea


This beautiful high quality black tea hails from The Mahagastotte Estate of historic Ceylon. Located within the Nuwara Eliya district, in the mists of Sri Lanka’s highest mountain, Pidurutalagala. This attractive Black Ceylon Tea is a slender, leggy, curled, pure Pekoe (PECK-OH) leaf. The un-infused Mahagastotte delight has an almost sweet scent to it with subtle earthy tones. This tea is both impressive and memorable.

The infused true Black Ceylon Tea is light amber in color, leaving the leaves coppery and showing the true quality of this tea. After steeping this fabulous tea, an amazing transformation occurs. A deeper, richer and sweeter fragrance appears, as though you’ve added a touch of honey.

This pure Ceylon Tea has a clean and crisp taste. The liquor is pleasantly round, leaving you in complete satisfaction. Mahagastotte Single Estate Black Ceylon Tea delivers a fresh after-taste and has mildly sweet back tones. This light to medium bodied tea can wake you up or sooth away the tensions of your day with pure indulgence. No matter the day or time, this is a perfect well-deserved treat.

For an extra delicacy, add milk and a touch of sugar or honey. Milk gives this tea a velvety texture while sugar heightens the sweetness to decadence, taking you and this already delicious tea to higher plains. You will find yourself completely immersed in this tea after a just a few scintillating sips.

Boldness: 4          Leaf Type: Pekoe

Adwatte Single Estate Tea


Adwatte Estate is located in the Uva province, high on the Eastern slopes of the central mountains of what is now named Sri Lanka. The regions strong dry summer winds are what gives Adwatte Single Estate Black Ceylon Tea such strength and character. The un-infused Orange Pekoe is brown, well twisted, and wiry tea. This Adwatte treasure has a lively aroma of subtle fruits with faint floral tones.

The infused Orange Pekoe unfurls majestically to vivid amber, almost red in color, presenting itself in all of its unbridled richness. This coloury tea creates a liquor that is thick and sumptuous. The taste is spectacularly robust with citric, fruity and greenery undertones. This tea is brilliant and especially unforgettable.

The after-taste is strong and satisfying, keeping your taste buds dancing and yearning for more! This beautiful Orange Pekoe is perfect to curl up with after a long day, or as a perfect pairing with a good book. Make sure to prepare a large cup and be ready to relax!

Milk or cream pairs wonderfully with this large bodied tea although adding only a smidge of honey heightens the full fruitiness bringing it front and center!

Boldness: 5          Leaf Type: OP

Great Western Single Estate Tea


The Great Western Estate produces high grown tea delicacies. It is located within the Nuwaraeliya district of ancient Ceylon, now called Sri Lanka. The Great Western Estate is located amidst the sixth highest mountain in this region. This dusty terracotta colored un-infused tea has a full, earthy aroma. Our Great Western Single Estate Black Ceylon Tea is a coloury BOP that is both assertive and bold.

The infused BOP is a thick Black Ceylon Tea with a distinct dark rich brown color. The aroma is provocative and mildly citric. Undoubtedly this is a seriously regal Ceylon. The liquor on this amazing loose-leaf tea is beautiful and heavy; it is slightly thicker than the average BOP. Great Western Single Estate Black Ceylon Tea is far from average! This handsome tea is indeed, both bold and dynamic and sure to please at breakfast or any time.

The after-taste is strapping and satisfying. If you are looking for an assertive tea that you’ll not soon forget, then this is the tea for you! Our Great Western Single Estate will deliver royal quality and taste that’s perfect for high tea.

By adding a splash of milk and a lump or two of this unique tea delivers as a confident breakfast tea. This exemplary tea can be paired with your favorite foods or alone as a sturdy treat.

Boldness: 5          Leaf Type: BOP

Dellawa Single Estate Tea


The Dellawa Tea estate is situated in the foot hills of the Singharajah Tropical Rain Forest. This providence is also known as Old Heritage by the Sri Lankan natives. This elegantly twisted tea is dark and opulent with a lively fragrance to the un-infused leaf. This is a robust tea with a light peaty boldness that emphasizes its natural earthiness.

The leaves of the infused tea seem to burst into brown flames of red and copper. The color of this tea is like aged champagne, light and golden. The un-infused tea delivers hues of citrus, with subtle green tones. This tea is exceptionally smooth and wondrously satisfying. Once infused, this tea produces a thick liquor with hues of muscatel running amongst the complex verdure. Dellawa Single Estate Black Ceylon Tea is an extravagant delight, day or night.

The after-taste is mild and surprisingly clean for such a robust tea. Hues of cedar linger in the air. Dellawa Single Estate Tea is a superior cup to wake up to, and get your day officially under way!

Milk turns this cup of tea into silky elegance, coating your mouth with satiny smooth opulence. Completely delectable and thoroughly enjoyable!

Bold: 4          Leaf Type: OP1

Srilanka has been producing superior teas since 1887. Perfect humidity, cool breezes & ideal rainfall provide a climate that fosters a succulent production of the highest quality teas in the world. Adam teas & Spices have been a favorite in homes and restaurants across Europe & Asia.