• Legendary Green Tea

    Richly aromatic with a delicate body & aromatic finish

  • Joyful Jasmine Tea

    Beautifully fragrant aroma with a delicate light body & floral finish

  • Earl Grey Tea

    Perfectly aromatic with a full legendary body & lasting finish

  • English Breakfast Tea

    Round rich aroma with a full body and a kick-start your day finish

  • Luscious Peach Tea

    Luscious peach aroma & taste with a full body & smooth warm finish

  • Strawberry Fields Tea

    Fresh strawberry aroma and taste with full body and delicate finish

  • Caramel Delight Tea

    Delightful buttery aroma with a rich full body & indulgent caramel finish

  • Legendary Black Tea

    Brilliantly aromatic with a full body & legendary finish



Send us your opinions! Share a video of yourself trying ths sample and you could win!! We are looking for the real deal. What do you think of ADAM tea? Are you a health professional that wants to weight in? Has ADAM changed your opionion of tea? BE CREATIVE! Show us HOW, WHEN and WHY you enjoy our teas. You could WIN BIG!*

This program will start officially on 5/01/13
Start recording now and be ready to enter on May 1st 2013!

The first set of winners will be announced June 1st 2013.

Check back here on or after 5/01/13 for more details and to enter!


Are you a small buisness? We are too! As you know, word of mouth is the best advertisment available. Upload a self-promoting video of you and your team with our tea. Remember to creativly feature your companies name and services or products offered. Make it a family event, we bet your kids could help you do this with your video enabled moble device. We will showcase the videos on our site as well as choose the most creative one monthly to promote.

Tea Spree Rules & Regulations

  • Make a video of yourself reviewing any ADAM Tea product.
    (ADAM Tea may be available at your local grocery store check here or through
  • Upload your review to You tube and include the phrase “My ADAM Tea Review:“ in the title of your new video.
  • If you haven’t already, “Like” the ADAM U.S.A. Facebook page
  • Now, go to your YouTube post and click on “Share” then copy the link. Paste that link to your review from You tube on our wall and tag anyone who is in the video.
  • We at ADAM U.S.A. encourage you to include a description when uploading your review to You tube. If you do not have one or do not know what to put in this space, we welcome you to include the following: Here is my review of ADAM Ceylon tea. Check it out then go get some!
  • The date of the You tube upload will be used as your entry date for the contest.
  • All persons that are in the video must have given previous consent to appear on camera
  • No other brand of any sort may be visible or the video will not be considered.
  • By uploading your video to our facebook page you are granting us permission to use part or the entirety of your video or audio as we see fit.
  • *The tea spree is good for $100.00 worth of any ADAM brand teas or $50.00 CASH.
  • There must be at least 5 entries or the contest will run over to the next month.
  • The rules and regulations are subject to change at our discretion.
  • If you have any questions or comments please ring us at 888-725-0365 or Email us a question